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Andrew Skinner
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Known for his ability to ignite excitement in students by encouraging them to explore their passions and interests, Andrew Skinner has been appointed as the new Head of Year 7 at Brisbane Grammar School.

Before his appointment, Mr Skinner held the role of Assistant Head of Year 9 and Science teacher.

Prior to joining BGS, Mr Skinner was a House Leader for nine years at St Columban’s College, in Brisbane. He is also a BGS Old Boy.

Mr Skinner is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming community, where each student can thrive and develop their interests, talents and potential. He is heavily involved in the Cocurricular Program.

Head of Middle School Ms Rebecca Campbell said Mr Skinner will start his new role in Term 3. 

“I am confident his expertise and experience will be a great asset to the Year 7 cohort,” Ms Campbell said.

Mr Skinner will be supported by current Assistant Heads of Year 7 Ms Mel Eveleigh and Mr Dean Littlefair and our team of Year 7 Form Tutors.

“We remain committed to continuing our work in supporting and nurturing our students' passions and interests to ensure their long-term success,” Ms Campbell said.

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