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Old Boys' Association President’s Message
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Welcome to the first edition of The Grammarian for 2022. Just when we thought life was starting to return to a new, post-COVID "normal", Brisbane and much of the east coast was hit by devastating floods and we were asked again as a community to support one another and help those most affected.    

Even though I finished at BGS 35 years ago, some of the lessons and experiences from my school years still provide the perspective to appreciate that collectively we can endure and achieve so much more than we would believe ourselves capable of.  

Being involved on the committee of the Old Boys’ Association for a number of years has provided me with the privilege of meeting so many members of the BGS community who shape and support our society. Whether that be in the corporate or medical fields or manning the barbecue hut at Northgate on a Saturday morning, many Old Boys demonstrate a willingness to get involved. The positive change that many Old Boys continue to have in our lives is inspiring, and I feel grateful to be part of the Old Boy community.

Sadly, there are also many of our classmates who for various reasons – often beyond their control – struggle with physical or mental health issues and may feel a reluctance to reconnect with their peers. For some, it may be a short-term setback; for others, a lifelong battle.

As an Old Boy community, the relationships we formed through School can be lifelong and, at various stages, significant. We should continue to look for opportunities to reconnect and support each other despite the challenges of our busy lives. Our role as the BGSOBA committee is to continue to facilitate opportunities both formally and informally for us to connect and maintain that bond.  Whether this is through the Business Breakfasts held throughout the year or getting a group together to enjoy “The Jam” our very own Battle of the Bands held at The Triffid.   

On Monday 9 May the Old Boys Committee held their Annual AGM and I am pleased to announce the new committee as follows:

  • President – Cameron Feltham ’86
  • Vice President – Adam Franklin ‘97
  • Secretary – John Emery ‘85
  • Treasurer – Richard Wheeler ‘99
  • Past President – Cameron McLeod ’88
  • Geoff Clark ‘64
  • Jim MacPherson ‘85
  • Simon Tolhurst ‘87
  • Toby Carrigan ‘08
  • Scott Austin ‘84
  • Nick Carroll ‘12
  • Eric Sengstock ‘09
  • Grant Halyday ‘99

After two years of COVID delays or cancellations, the committee has a very busy year ahead with several opportunities for Old Boys to catch up.

Already this year we have hosted the Foundation Day drinks on the Boarders Lawn, where existing Old Boy parents and their partners welcome new parents who are presented with their bespoke Old Boy caps featuring their peer year embroidered on the back. This is one of my favourite events on the calendar as it is a reminder of the critical relationship of Old Boys with the School and the substantial financial commitment so their sons can enjoy the privilege of a Grammar education.

The Business Breakfasts co-ordinated by Simon Tolhurst ’87 continue to be popular – a clear reflection of the inquisitive topics and the calibre of speakers. To encourage a greater opportunity to catch up post-breakfast, the Old Boys Association will fund a coffee cart for attendees to continue to discuss, debate, catch-up or network with the Grammar Community.

Later this month we will host The Jam Band Battle at The Triffid. Once again, ‘JC’ ‘87 has opened the doors to his iconic venue for the Grammar Community to enjoy.  We have a great line-up of Old Boy bands playing originals and classics competing for the opportunity to have a recording session at Airlock Studios owned by Ian Haug ’87. Tickets are available now through Moshtix (The Jam '22) and the event is open to everyone 18 years and over.

If you haven’t already purchased your nil sine labore T-shirts, I encourage you to head to NSL T-shirts. There are a variety of styles and colours and are part of a unique brand developed by the Old Boys Association.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Committee members stepping down this year. Dr Michael Forrest ’87 has served on the committee since 2015 and is the Immediate Past President. Michael’s tenure as President was challenging with the impact of Covid but he remained unflappable and was a key force behind the incredibly successful Sportsman’s Lunch last year hosted by his ’87 year group. 

Mr Stuart Rees ’79 also steps down from the committee after 11 years including three years as President. Amongst many of his achievements on the committee, Stuart’s passion for cricket has ensured the long running success of the Jim Taylor Cup played between the Old Boys and current First XI.

I look forward to working with the OBA committee this year to provide and promote opportunities for Old Boys to enjoy the benefits of being part of this fantastic community.

Cameron Feltham
BGS Old Boys' Association President

  • The Grammarian - May 2022

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