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Q&A with BGS Head of Year 11 Samuel Lobascher

Why were you inspired to work in Student Wellbeing?

My experience as a student was my motivation to focus on wellbeing in my teaching career. School was far from an easy experience for me, and I am passionate about supporting young men as they navigate their way through the challenges of both secondary school and adolescence.

What are your favourite Student Wellbeing initiatives at BGS and why?

Our increasing focus on Public Purpose, and the expanding array of options that are available, are providing boys with tangible and dynamic opportunities to engage with and contribute to the broader community.

What is your favourite rite of passage initiative at BGS?

BGS’s Outdoor Eduction program is an undoubted highlight of the boys’ experience at the School. The program is truly transformative and highlights the School’s ongoing commitment to a holistic education. Both the program and the centre itself are incredible assets that we are incredibly fortunate to have.

What inspires you most about Brisbane Grammar School students?

Brisbane Grammar School students are incredibly inclusive and accepting. We are a diverse community, and there is a place here for everyone. This is perhaps most evident in the array of cocurricular opportunities offered to our students – everyone is able to find a sense of belonging and purpose.

If you had to name one thing that sets BGS apart from other schools, what would it be?

BGS benefits from possessing a uniquely well-defined vision and purpose, supported by incredibly motivated, passionate and professional staff who are unified in realising that vision.   

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