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Q&A with BGS Middle School Teacher Haydn Murray
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How long have you been a teacher, and when did you start at BGS?

I was fortunate enough to start my teaching career at BGS and have now been here for nine years.

Why were you inspired to become a teacher?

Family. I come from a family of educators, so I was inspired by my parents. My inspiration was enhanced by one of my teachers at Ipswich Grammar School. Their collective passion, commitment, and constant drive to make a difference in the lives of young people were inspirational to me.


What do you enjoy most about teaching BGS boys?

Their love of learning. It always amazes me how much the boys at BGS value learning. From Year 5 all the way through to Year 12, learning is something that is expected during each and every lesson. Students are curious, thoughtful, and collaborative. These characteristics demonstrate the focus on learning. After all, it is about providing opportunities for each boy to achieve his personal best.


How do you make your classroom fun for students?

Fortunately, I teach Science and PE, two subjects that, in my experience, boys tend to enjoy. I try to make my lessons as hands on and interactive as possible as many of the boys are kinaesthetic learners and enjoy learning by doing. Science experiments and practical PE lessons are fun ways for the boys to engage with their learning.


What’s your favourite lesson/topic to teach and why?

My favourite Science topic to teach is disasters. We explore how volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters are formed, and it is always fantastic to observe boys’ curiosity and excitement about this topic. In PE, I enjoy teaching boys about the three energy systems and how each system is designed to contribute to exercise and performance.


How has teaching changed since you started?

Teaching has changed significantly since I began almost 10 years ago. BGS has adopted the Effective Thinking Cultures pedagogical framework where boys are challenged to think, and thinking skills are explicitly taught in classrooms.

The Student Wellbeing program also continues to evolve and allows boys to explore different topics that are relevant and age-appropriate.

Finally, there are many opportunities in the Cocurricular program. The 15 sports, 34 music ensembles, three dramatic productions and over 45 clubs complement the learning that takes place in the classroom.


Do you think the way students learn will change over the next decade?

Absolutely. With constantly evolving technology and new initiatives like STEAM here at BGS, students will be challenged in very different ways. It is a very exciting time to be an educator.


If you had to name one thing that sets the BGS Middle School apart from other schools, what would it be?

There is a very strong culture of collaboration within the BGS Middle School. Working with others as part of a team is critical to success, and I believe that this is modelled every day by the wonderful teachers I have the privilege of working with.

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