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The importance of adaptability – BGS School Captain

What a term.

We started Week 1 by waking up in our bedroom, only to attend school at home. It was a new experience for us all. Home-based learning continued for another four weeks until Years 11 and 12 students returned to the BGS campus to take advantage of non-existent Tuckshop lines. The entire student body returned the following week.

Our experiences this term draw comparisons to the current Year 7 English task, The Hero’s Journey – one that is filled with speed bumps and challenges but eventually returns to a ‘normal world’.

On our journey, the announcement of quarantine threw us into an unknown world. This uncertainty disrupted our routines and created many challenges for students, teachers and parents alike.

Our ability to stay connected was tested, but the BGS community took this challenge front on, with the School Value of Endeavour running deeply in our veins. Rather than focusing on the past, we persisted through the rough waters and saw the opportunities.

New learning tools – such as Microsoft Teams chats and video calls – were implemented, and virtual activities – such as GrammarFit, GrammarWell, and the trickshot challenge – thrived. These initiatives are a testament to our ability to adapt and change with an open mindset.

Our teachers played a key role in our success. They asked for our feedback, they listened to us, and they innovated to continue to deliver a quality BGS education. Thank you to our teachers for your unwavering commitment to our education and wellbeing.

Fitting with the Class of 2020’s theme, as a School, We Rise to seize our reward on the road back to a normal world. That is something to be commended.

A key message from our journey is the importance of adaptability – an essential trait for success in all aspects of life. It has been reassuring to see the BGS community adapt to the challenges presented. As students, our enhanced adaptiveness will not only better our learning, but will also be an invaluable trait beyond school life.

William Hay
School Captain

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