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Special Ceremony for Long-Serving BGS Staff

Thirty-seven long-serving Brisbane Grammar School teachers, business and services staff were today recognised by Headmaster Anthony Micallef in a special ceremony at Centenary Hall.

Thirty-one staff members were presented with pins from student leaders in recognition of their 20+ years of service to the School, while six were presented pins for their 30+ years of service.

There were smiles and cheers as teaching, grounds, library, administration, finance, IT, and sports staff were honoured.

In a speech to an assembly that included hundreds of senior students, Mr Micallef hailed the 37 staff members for their contribution to BGS.

“Colleagues, congratulations on achieving a significant milestone in your career,” he said. “Today we acknowledge your loyalty, commitment and dedication.”

Mr Micallef reminded those in attendance of George Rilatt, a janitor who worked at BGS for an incredible 51 years between 1873 and 1924.

The legendary janitor was just one example of the many staff members who have contributed to the development of students and the success of the School, Mr Micallef said.

“Schools will always be about what happens in the classroom, on the playing field, and in the concert hall but high performing schools such as Brisbane Grammar School understand the importance of people working in all roles,” he said.

Mr Micallef, who has worked at the School for nearly three decades, observed that “BGS is a place where most people come and stay”.

“I have often thought about why so many remain – many of them talk about the sense of camaraderie, many talk about the School’s ethos, but most talk about the students and that sense of contributing to something greater than themselves; that feeling you get when you know you are doing good,” he said.

“I hope that this ceremony respects the incredible contribution of these people and sends a strong message to our community that learning, leadership, endeavour, respect and community remain powerful values in our school.”

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