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BGS STEAM Precinct update

Written by Chief Financial Officer and Secretary to the Board of Trustees Mark Corgat.

STEAM – The Philosophy

The acronym STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics – refers not just to these standalone disciplines but also to a way of thinking. This includes observing, forming questions, making predictions, designing and carrying out experiments, hypothesising and discussing projected outcomes.

Given the rapid emergence of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, DNA mapping, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology, business and industry leaders demand graduates who can collaborate, communicate, and think critically and creatively. These skills will enable our graduates to adapt to the changing professional landscape and prepare them for jobs that do not yet exist.

The new STEAM Precinct will provide an environment that excites, engages and inspires our students and their teachers and promotes deeper learning.

The precinct will be far more than a new building for staff and students; it will be a hub for ideas, for innovation and for educational growth. While construction is visible, our team is busy developing the STEAM curriculum and teaching practices that will further accentuate Brisbane Grammar School’s pursuit of excellence.

STEAM – The Building

The spaces in the STEAM Building are designed to optimise teaching and learning and enact the principles of best pedagogy. The new co-laboratories created for the sciences will maximise learning time and enable students to transition seamlessly between theoretical and practical ways of learning. The design and art spaces will challenge students to think and work creatively and flexibly to solve problems.

When completed, the STEAM Building will offer the following:

  • 15 co-laboratory spaces (university standard)
  • 14 flexible general learning areas (30 to 150 students)
  • Five design hubs
  • Three maker/prototype spaces
  • Four art studios
  • One specialist biological dissection lab
  • 300-seat open auditorium with exhibition space for the arts and sciences
  • Professional and collaborative spaces encountered at university and in industry
  • Learning spaces for sports sciences

STEAM – Construction

At the time of writing, the concrete pour of level 6 is underway in preparation for the construction of the building’s roof. Concurrently, the installation of the precast concrete western façade has commenced, featuring an embossed digital design. When the building exterior is completed in January 2023, the current internal fit out will accelerate.

Supply chain issues continue to challenge the construction team, placing pressure on the targeted commission of the building in Semester 2 2023. The patience of our staff and students during this complicated build is appreciated.

When finished, the STEAM Building will add over 16,000 square metres to the School’s built infrastructure. The integration of the new Art Studios (L Bock) will see the STEAM Precinct exceed 17,500 square metres.

Click here to view an impressive timelapse video of the construction process to date.

The graphic below indicates the current trajectory of major construction milestones.

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