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People that have an entrepreneurial mindset are future-focused and ignited by ambition. They put another degree of effort and strategic thought into their work, see problems as potential opportunities, and are action-oriented. Students that exhibit this type of mindset in their learning test ideas and cultivate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Year 11 Economics student Tom Brittain is an up-and-coming Entrepreneur. At the age of 16, he has created his own business – Brittain Distributions – that now provides work opportunities for a small team of his peers.

Tom started off doing newspaper drops in his local area about 18 months ago. On his weekends, he would spend four hours a day dropping off catalogues for a range of shopping brands. Unfortunately, this did not equate to generous earnings, particularly when Tom realised he would be assembling the magazine packages himself.

Being a resourceful young man, he saw a gap in the market and decided to pitch an idea focusing on real estate agents and their distribution of pamphlets for advertising. He started with one agent and has slowly built his portfolio to 21 agents across Brisbane to cut out the ‘middle man’.

Tom now enlists a crew of enthusiastic peers who are delighted to have the extra pocket money. His solutions-orientated and innovative ideas like tracking devices have helped him generate a better workflow.

Having a STEAM perspective means understanding learning contextually but also being adaptable. When students are exposed to entrepreneurial thinking through a mix of personal contexts and subjects like Economics, a profound change can occur. They become more aware of opportunities around them, develop powerful problem-solving skills, and improve their abilities to think critically and creatively.

Tanya Neilson
STEAM and Related Learning Principal Project Officer

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