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Supporting student wellbeing
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In 2020, BGS launched GrammarWell, a digital student wellbeing platform where students can access a range of resources to keep them happy and healthy and get the most out of school and life.

Within each section, students can find information to support their emotional and physical wellbeing. This includes how to keep their brain and emotional health in shape, steps to becoming more resilient, smart sleep habits, simple and effective meditation techniques to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, and managing emotions.

In addition to these resources, GrammarWell also provides opportunities for boys to interact with their peers. Within the Connecting with Community section, boys will find fun and challenging activities to keep them connected and engaged with the BGS community.

This year, boys participated in the BGS LegoMasters Challenge, BGS SuperChef Challenge, and the Mindful Photography competition. Activities such as these, spark curiosity and develop creativity.

All students are encouraged to access GrammarWell and join in the activities offered to help them feel connected to their friends and the school community.

First page of the PDF file: ConnectingwithCommunity
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