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Thank you to the BGS Cleaning Team – Our Unsung Heroes

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of BGS cleaners has stepped up to take on a critical role in the School’s defence against the virus. Under the guidance of Facilities Manager Craig Derrick and Cleaning Supervisor Nikky Nuneski, the BGS cleaners have been incredible.

Using a high-performance management system, BGS cleaners have been provided with special tools, products and chemicals. They use leading cleaning processes to stop chains of infection and limit the opportunities for pathogens to spread within the campus.

Prior to the Term 1 break, extra staff and resources were approved to allow the team to undertake continued, intensive cleaning of all hard surface areas, touch-points, bathrooms, and social spaces, as recommended by Queensland Health.

During the term break, BGS cleaners worked in teams to undertake comprehensive cleaning of all buildings and amenities on campus, sanitising all areas from ceilings and light fittings to walls, floors and other fixtures and fittings. More than 2000 hours of cleaning was performed by 27 casual, part-time and full-time cleaners during the break.

Additionally, other teaching areas, sports facilities, halls, grounds and social spaces were sanitised. This intensified level of cleaning of all areas has been sustained with the return of staff and some students after the term break, and it will continue as more students return to BGS.

If ever you see a member of our fabulous cleaning team, please take a moment to notice and thank them.

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