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The Significance of STEAM
Mark Corgat
Chief Financial Officer and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Many in the BGS community are likely aware of the significance of the new STEAM Precinct to Brisbane Grammar School and, most importantly, to the boys.

In my assembly address on Friday, I explained to students the relevance of STEAM in today’s world and how the precinct is relevant to their BGS journey.

Construction for the STEAM Precinct will commence next year and should be completed in 2023. Our current Year 9 students will be the first senior students to capitalise on the new facility. The precinct will be a university-standard structure where our students will experience the power of integrating careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and maths.

Over 60% of our students are likely to choose a career in STEAM. You may be interested to know that our project team is mostly comprised of men and women who themselves have pursued careers in one or more of the STEAM disciplines.

Firstly, let’s consider the Scientists. We have consulted scientists who specialise in environmental sustainability and energy management. These scientists have advised us on a wide range of possibilities to minimise the impact of the precinct on the environment.

While all the proposals may not be viable, we have considered their advice in relation to harnessing solar power through window film, traditional solar panels, battery storage, rain harvesting and floor coverings made from recycled materials.

The ideas that have been put to us by Technology experts are, as you would expect, overwhelming. Several of their technology ideas will feature prominently throughout the STEAM Precinct in the core activities of teaching, learning and student collaboration. Careers in technology provide endless opportunities to spend a great deal of time imagining the future.

The Engineering team in this project play a critical role in applying well-proven and cutting-edge principles that will produce a state-of-the-art facility.

Geologists have established what lies beneath the surface upon which the STEAM Precinct will sit. They have worked in collaboration with structural engineers who have determined how the building’s foundations will perform in very close proximity to a Cross River Rail tunnel beneath the site. Structural engineers will also make sure the atrium ceiling doesn’t collapse, and the suspended collaboration pods don’t fall.

Electrical engineers have determined how we can safely and reliably draw the required electrical current from the grid to power the building. The engineering team represents a diverse range of professions.

Art will likely be the most noticeable aspect of the completed STEAM Precinct. The chief architect on this project is a BGS Old Boy who is determined to make the precinct bigger and better than his other recognisable design accomplishment on the BGS campus, The Lilley Centre.

We have also consulted with heritage architects to ensure the modern precinct will blend with our precious historic buildings.

Mathematicians play a crucial role in the project. The quantity surveyor is responsible for determining, measuring, calculating and costing every element that goes into constructing the building – from the cubic metres of concrete to the volume of space to be air-conditioned, and the kilometres of electrical wiring and data cables. Without these skilled mathematicians, the project would be chaotic.

It’s exciting to grasp how STEAM careers are making our STEAM Precinct a reality and the real-world relevance of STEAM for BGS boys.

Click here to learn more about the BGS STEAM Precinct.

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