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The BGS Middle School philosophy is underpinned by the School’s five core values: Learning, Leadership, Respect, Endeavour and Community.

The value of Community extends beyond a boy’s time at Brisbane Grammar School. As a student walks through the doors of the Great Hall for the final time on his last day of Year 12, he becomes an Old Boy of the School. For many graduates, their connection to the School remains strong for years to come.

It is not uncommon to see our young Old Boys return as coaches to support the Cocurricular program or as tutors in our Extended Day Study program or our Boarding program. These young men play a valuable role as mentors and role models for current students.

Towards the end of Term 1 this year, students in Years 5 and 6 were invited to write an Easter card for elderly Old Boys in isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our Old Boys were both surprised and delighted to receive messages from our youngest students telling them about their current experiences of life at Brisbane Grammar School. The boys shared information about their hobbies and interests, favourite subjects and what they were looking forward to at school.

Many Old Boys took the opportunity to respond to our Middle School students sharing their memories of the School, reminiscing about different experiences and teachers, and providing wise advice. This exchange of communication between generations validated the intangible bond that exists between those who don the light dark blue.

The lifelong connections and memories fostered throughout a boy’s Brisbane Grammar School journey, alongside the incredible opportunities afforded to each student makes the BGS experience one to treasure.

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