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Boarding at BGS

Boys from all over the world have the opportunity for a Brisbane Grammar School education. Boarding provides some of the best experiences of a student's life, as boys make lifelong friends and learn to live independently.

Boys from Years 5 to 12 belong to the BGS Boarding community, with the Director of Boarding, Head of Residence, Senior Boarding Tutor, Houseparent, Boarding Tutors, Nursing Staff and Residential Staff helping the boys to adapt and feel at home.

Boys have access to academic support throughout the week, with structured social, cultural and sporting activities after school and on weekends. Through their House Family, boarders make friends across year levels and develop a sense of belonging. The BGS and Boarding communities are stronger for the diversity of international and regional families. 

Occasional and short-term boarding options also give day boys the chance to experience life as a boarder.

View the BGS Boarding Prospectus below to read a parent's and student's perspective of boarding at the School.

Boarding enriches the BGS journey

Boarding Renovations | $5 million redevelopment now complete

As Brisbane’s first secondary school for boys, Brisbane Grammar School has been a leader in education in Queensland since its foundation in 1868. Our pursuit of excellence extends to our ambition to be the best school for boys in Australia. To achieve this, BGS has created world-class boarding facilities to complement our leading boarding program. 

BGS Boarding has undergone a $5 million redevelopment to provide leading facilities with an individual, modern room for each boy in Years 5 to 8 (Griffith House) and Years 9 to 12 (Harlin House). 

Take a virtual tour of the new facilities via the link below.

BGS Boarding on Tour 2024

Join us in your town to learn about boarding at Queensland's leading school for boys

We warmly invite all future, current and past families to join us on our regional tour to learn more about our leading Boarding program and exciting projects, including the new boarding facilities and the School's STEAM Precinct. 

Please register your attendance for the BGS Boarding Boarding Tour here. 


Boarding Staff

Boarders are cared for by qualified and dedicated staff, who are proficient and experienced in the care of adolescent boys in a residential setting.

In the evenings and on weekends, boarding and residential tutors look after boarders. Boys are also supported in their studies by BGS teachers and Old Boy tutors. A recreation program is run by Activity Tutors.

The houseparent helps boarders with their domestic routines and general organisation.

Nursing staff attend the onsite medical centre 24/7.

The catering team and dietician ensure the boys enjoy a varied menu.

Enrichment Programs

Structured enrichment programs help boarders to develop skills for life, focusing on learning and wellbeing.


Academic Enrichment

Boarding Tutors, usually also BGS Teachers, supervise and support each boarder's evening studies.

Boarding Tutors are assisted by Academic Tutors, who provide additional subject-specific guidance. Tutors also offer support sessions in all subjects to prepare boys for assessments and examinations.‚Äč

Wellbeing Enrichment

In the boarding community, young men are nurtured to become thinking leaders – individuals who demonstrate self-regulation in their thoughts and actions, and become reflective members of the BGS community.

The boarding experience focuses on each boy's personal development. The staff deliver a program which encourages boys to make healthy life choices and establish respectful relationships.


Boarding caters for the needs of individuals through a consistent yet customised approach to wellbeing. At the heart of the care model is a House Family – a small tutor group led by a Boarding Tutor, who carefully monitors the progress of each individual.

House Families are overseen by senior boarding staff. Peer support is equally valued and House Prefects and House Family Seniors play a vital part in the role of older brother.


Boarders develop a sense of belonging to their house, school and the wider community. House Family events and competitions, whole-house dinners and public purpose volunteering help to foster strong, long-term friendships.

There is a strong sense of service in the House, with leadership viewed as an opportunity to give back to the community.

Healthy Living

Teenage boys need wholesome food, physical activity, relaxation time and adequate sleep.

Boarders are equipped with the knowledge they need to make healthy decisions about their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.


Leadership is a core value at BGS and is especially regarded in boarding. Formal leadership roles are most evident in Year 12 although opportunities exist throughout year groups.

Boarders are challenged to think and act as leaders and make the most of their capacity in the house, at school and beyond.

At BGS, boys are taught to understand the concepts of leading self and leading others.

Life Skills

Boys of all ages need to develop skills that equip them for life at school and beyond. Boarding addresses the needs of different age groups and provides a progression of experiences.

Life skill activities range from personal grooming to preparation for future vocation.

Health Services

Health Centre staff assist in looking after the wellbeing of boarding and day boys, through health care and education for both staff and students.

Registered Nurses are available to boarders 24/7, with an onsite Registered Nurse accessible out of normal Health Centre hours to review and manage health issues.

Within Boarding, Health Services advances the wellbeing of students and acts as a liaison between BGS staff, families, healthcare professionals and the community.

National Boarding Standards

BGS Boarding operates to the highest possible standards with strong processes and procedures in place to meet or exceed the requirements of the National Boarding Standards.

ABSA COVID-Safe Charter

BGS has adopted the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) COVID-Safe Charter. Click here to read the charter.