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Light Dark Blue

Light Dark Blue: The BGS Podcast explores how the School is educating students to thrive intellectually, socially and emotionally, while giving parents and carers rare insight into what is happening in the classroom and in cocurricular activities.

We will inform parents and carers about the progressive, research-driven programs on offer at BGS, and provide them with practical advice on how they can support their son’s BGS experience.

The podcast is a unique and engaging way for BGS staff to communicate with parents, in efforts to connect both home and school life, and strengthen ties within our community.

We are excited to invite you on this journey, so please subscribe to Light Dark Blue. 

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Meet our host - Harry Clarke 

Harry Clarke is an award-winning Journalist, Old Boy and former boarder who graduated in 2007.

Harry has returned to BGS as the host of Light Dark Blue and brings a unique perspective as a former student. 

Harry is the Queensland Political Reporter at Sky News. He is also the owner and editor of Country Caller, which is a multimedia news service advocating for rural and regional Queensland.





The Wellbeing Series shines light on the efforts being made in the student wellbeing space as BGS strives to offer a holistic education that goes beyond academics.  



The Becoming Better Learners Series discusses our research-driven approach to teaching and learning. We discuss topics such as Effective Thinking Cultures and Applied Thinking – some of our most critical projects.

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