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Becoming Better Learners Series

Light Dark Blue: The BGS Podcast is a window into how boys learn to thrive – intellectually, socially and emotionally – at Brisbane Grammar School.

The Becoming Better Learners Series discusses our progressive approach to teaching and learning. We discuss topics such as Effective Thinking Cultures, Applied Thinking and Consolidation Period – some of our most critical projects.

For many parents and carers, these concepts are foreign and far from what was on offer during their schooling years when academic success was measured by how well a student could recall information.

Our podcast is a great way to give parents and carers insight into what is happening in the classroom and provide them with tips on how to support their son’s learning, connecting both home and school life through healthy learning routines.

The podcast is also for anyone interested in the changing face of education, and how one of Australia’s most established schools is putting students in the driver’s seat of their learning journey. Listen as we hear from teachers, experts and, most importantly, BGS students.

Meet our host - Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke is an award-winning Journalist, BGS Old Boy and former boarder who graduated in 2007.

Harry has returned to BGS to host the first podcast series and brings a unique perspective as a former student. 

Formally a News Corp and Nine Network journalist, Harry is now based in his hometown of Chinchilla and is the owner and editor of Country Caller, which is a multimedia news service advocating for rural and regional Queensland. 



Becoming Better Learners - The Series

Ep 4: The boys’ experience in Applied Thinking classes

What is it like to study Applied Thinking? Does it help with other subjects? We bring together Applied Thinking teacher Naomi Russell and a panel of three BGS boys to find out what they think about this innovative subject.

Summary of topics:

  • How have BGS boys adapted to this subject?
  • How is Applied Thinking different to other subjects?
  • Advice for boys about to start studying Applied Thinking.

Ep 3: What is applied thinking? - with Rebecca Campbell

What is Applied Thinking and why is this new subject now part of the BGS curriculum? Most importantly, how will it help our boys adapt to a variety of learning challenges throughout life? Listen to Head of Middle School Rebecca Campbell explain the topic and provide advice to parents and carers on how they can become more involved in their son’s learning.

Summary of topics:

  • What happens in an Applied Thinking class?
  • Does Applied Thinking help the boys in other subjects?
  • How can parents help their boys in this subject? 

Ep 2: Asking your boys 3-star questions - with Jacqui Zervos

We talk to Executive Director Educational Innovation Jacqui Zervos about how BGS is preparing its students for an uncertain future through the Effective Thinking Cultures initiative. What is it and how does it impact our boys? What is the role for ‘old-school’ teaching and is ChatGPT threatening it all? We also share great questions to get your son thinking more deeply about what they’re learning.

Summary of topics:

  • Why did BGS implement the Effective Thinking Cultures strategy?
  • How does it help students improve their learning?
  • One, two and three-star questions parents and carers can ask their sons to help them think more critically.

Ep 1: Why is BGS starting a podcast - with Headmaster Anthony Micallef 

In Episode 1, BGS Headmaster Anthony Micallef joins podcast host and Old Boy Harry Clarke to discuss the reasons for launching Light Dark Blue.

Summary of topics:

● What listeners can look forward to this season?
● How can parents contribute to their son’s learning?
● How are teaching practices shaping students as lifelong learners and leaders?