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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School

A Brisbane Grammar School education involves more than learning facts and figures. Our proud tradition of liberal education is about developing the whole person – each boy’s character as well as his intellectual ability.

In Years 5 to 8, Middle School students explore and experience the diverse opportunities on offer, laying the foundation for success in their senior years. Form Seniors – boys in Year 12 who become part of the younger classes for special activities and mentoring – act as role models for the younger boys.

The vibrant Middle School classrooms, libraries and social spaces are located within the grounds of the School’s main campus and are designed for adolescent boys. Lessons are crafted by teachers dedicated to making school an exciting place to learn, play and grow.

Each day, we bring the School’s values of learning, leadership, endeavour, respect and community to life.

Middle School boys have access to excellent sporting and cultural facilities on campus. From Year 5, boys travel to our purpose-built centre on the shores of Lake Moogerah to experience our Outdoor Education program.

Clubs catering for a diverse range of interests engage boys at lunchtimes and after school.

Each day, we bring the School’s values of learning, leadership, endeavour, respect and community to life. These values are instrumental in the development of a thoughtful and confident man of character.

We invite you to walk through the gates of the Middle School for the first steps on the BGS journey.

Rebecca Campbell
Head of Middle School

Courses of Study

Middle School students follow a curriculum that meets syllabus requirements and operates within the BGS curriculum.

The middle years academic program aims to:

  • assist boys to understand, value and embrace the School motto nil sine labore – nothing without work;
  • create a culture that is welcoming and safe, where students have fun, enjoy learning and value the opportunity to learn from error;
  • develop the learning dispositions, skills and behaviours required of effective thinkers and self-regulating learners; 
  • enable students to solve problems and achieve goals through increasing independence;
  • provide meaningful and authentic connections to the real world;
  • provide regular and timely feedback to celebrate and improve student progress;
  • enrich learning through appropriate use of technologies;
  • maintain a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills; and
  • prepare and support each student’s transition from the Middle School to the methods of learning in Senior School.

Years 5 and 6

Students undertake a core course of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. These are taught by Core Teachers who are paired with classes for both academic and student wellbeing purposes.

Over two years, students are introduced to a modern language in Spanish and take courses in Visual Arts, Drama, DesignMusic and Physical Education; all of which are taught by specialist teachers.

Years 7 and 8​​

All students are enrolled in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Physical Education, a modern language (one of Chinese, French, German or Japanese), Visual Arts, Drama, Design and Music.

Students also undertake Applied Thinking, which develops foundational learning skills and dispositions. 

While students are still taught multiple subjects by Core Teachers, greater movement and diversity of teachers, particularly in Year 8, becomes essential to each student’s preparation for their transition to the Senior School.

Middle School Cocurricular Program

BGS boys have the opportunity to participate in a large number of cocurricular activities each year. The Cocurricular program comprises the areas of Sport, Arts and Activities, allowing boys to explore their interests or expand their skills.

Middle School Teachers

Memorable teachers leave a lasting impression. A BGS education relies heavily on the expertise, professionalism and care of passionate and dedicated teaching staff.

Middle School teachers at Brisbane Grammar School enjoy teaching middle school aged boys and understand, appreciate and cater for their social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing.

Establishing and nurturing positive and supportive teacher-student relationships contributes to each boy's education. As specialists in their subject areas, BGS teachers possess a deep understanding of the curriculum and the thinking required for students to become effective and successful learners.

BGS teachers also actively engage in cocurricular programs to provide a wealth of opportunities for boys to explore and develop their skills, curiosity and interests.

Middle School Campus

The Middle School campus is located alongside the Senior School at Spring Hill.

Core classes take place in a home classroom, with boys making use of specialist facilities in the Senior School for enhanced learning experiences.

The outdoor and indoor social spaces in the Middle School assist in developing a warm and inviting atmosphere for all students.