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Student Wellbeing

An integral part of the mission of Brisbane Grammar School​ is the care of each member of its community.

This mission is supported by the Student Wellbeing Team and a formalised structure of wellbeing programs. Every individual’s progress through all areas of school life is monitored, with additional case management of boys with particular needs.

An extensive series of support networks, leadership opportunities and a structured student wellbeing curriculum guide and encourage our young men as they grow and mature.

The School is committed to a culture that nurtures and encourages the ongoing development of a resilient, responsible and happy individual who is actively connected to his school and to the wider community.

Student Wellbeing Curriculum

The Student Wellbeing curriculum provides a set of opportunities for the holistic development of all our students. It aims to support their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development through the development of their agency, self-efficacy and self-regulatory behaviours.

Student Leadership

Leadership is an integral part of boy’s holistic development at BGS. It serves as one of the five school values and is a principal component of the Student Wellbeing curriculum and Public Purpose Program. 

Health Centre

The Health Centre operates each day to provide a professional health service to all students and staff attending Brisbane Grammar School. 

Counselling Services

Student Services at Brisbane Grammar School offer personal, academic and career consultations. We work across Years 5 to 12 with day-students and boarders and have the aim of ensuring that we provide our students the skills and strategies to be in class and working to capacity.  

Student Wellbeing Team

BGS develops students’ readiness to act in a responsible and self-directed manner.

Student wellbeing promotes effective learning, positive mental health, good physical health, as well as the social and emotional wellbeing of students.

The BGS Student Wellbeing Team includes Heads of Year, Student Services, Outdoor Education, Public Purpose, Boarding, and Health Services.

Student Wellbeing Curriculum

​The BGS Student Wellbeing curriculum provides opportunities for the holistic development of all students. Boys become happy, confident and resilient lifelong learners who contribute to their communities.

At each year level, boys experience programs that nurture their social, ethical, physical, intellectual and emotional development. These programs provide relevant, age-specific experiences where students engage in effective decision-making and problem-solving activities.

BGS teachers contribute to the vast number of wellbeing topics. Their work is supported by nationally and internationally renowned guest speakers and by senior boys who mentor and guide younger students.

BGS is always ready to respond to the needs of boys in a changing world. Our contemporary Student Wellbeing curriculum uses a diverse range of teaching and learning approaches.

Student Leadership​

Each student has the opportunity to positively contribute to the School community through student leadership.

The School's leadership model encompasses the following values and practices: 

  • good citizenship;
  • effective teamwork;
  • personal relations;
  • personal responsibility; and
  • shared vision.

A formal leadership curriculum is complemented by a series of developmental leadership workshops. Both day and boarding students are provided with opportunities to consider their leadership style and to perform leadership roles across academic, student wellbeing and cocurricular pursuits.

Public Purpose

​​Brisbane Grammar School has a longstanding commitment to community service. Public Purpose activities offer meaningful, worthwhile and enjoyable opportunities for students to volunteer in response to important humanitarian issues. The program provides opportunities for each student to learn and explore fundamental values of life, develop their leadership potential and enhance their character.

With compassion and community as the core principles of the program, the student-led committee participates in projects ranging from hands on voluntary work to extensive fundraising activities. The program seeks positive outcomes while raising student awareness of the issues faced by local and international communities.

Public purpose staff work with the student body to develop meaningful relationships with charitable agencies that service the needs of the wider community.

BGS maintains that service is a vital component of a holistic education in teaching students of their civic responsibility.


Brisbane Grammar School develops graduates who are prepared to make a difference in their local, national and global communities. Participation in immersion projects assists BGS graduates to understand personal accountability and global responsibility.

Boys are offered opportunities to participate in a wide range of service experiences that encourage global citizenry.

Health Services

The BGS Health Centre is staffed by Registered Nurses and and seeks to reduce health-related barriers to education.

The role of Health Services is to:

  • facilitate positive student responses to normal human development;
  • promote health and safety in the School environment;
  • intervene with actual and potential health problems;
  • provide case management services;
  • implement individual health care plans and emergency plans;
  • work closely with other members of the Student Wellbeing Team; and
  • act as a liaison between School personnel, family, health care professionals and the community.

Health Services is a key element of the BGS Boarding program.

Boarding at BGS