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BGS STEAM Precinct

Leading STEAM education in Australia

The STEAM Precinct will usher in a new era of education, combining the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. 

The ambitious project goes beyond a striking architectural addition to the western end of the School – it is a mindset and philosophy of learning.  

We have not achieved success through complacency. It is time for the next bold moment in the BGS journey.The precinct will provide BGS students with opportunities to learn, collaborate, explore and innovate in a state-of-the-art environment, of which cannot be found at any other high school in Australia.  

The project offers students much more than high-tech facilities and scientific equipment; it signifies a shift in the way the School thinks about teaching, learning and preparing our boys for an unknown future.  

The STEAM Precinct brings disciplines together in large, contemporary and technologically rich learning spaces.


The STEAM Precinct will help us educate Australia’s future leaders, who will improve society and solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.


Preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist

In preparing BGS students for a changing world, the School seeks to develop their capabilities for innovation, entrepreneurship and responsible global citizenship by focusing on their critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration skills.  

STEAM will equip students with these tools, providing them with a range of hands-on experiences, including artistic and technological exploration, designing and prototyping, 3D printing, complex biological dissections, earth science studies and much more.  


By incorporating the arts, human concepts of ethics, morality and responsibility are introduced into technical discussions and thinking. The outcome is graduates who are prepared for uncertainty and confident to lead others through change.

A hub for ideas and innovation

The STEAM Precinct will excite, engage and inspire both students and staff, which will culminate in promoting deeper learning. 

The acronym STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics – means students will not immerse themselves in subjects in isolation but rather take a multidisciplinary approach.  

Teaching students the value of curiosity and taking a creative approach to problem solving is an integral part of STEAM. Students will observe, form questions, make predictions, design and carry out experiments and discuss projected outcomes.