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Leading STEAM education in Australia

A Brisbane Grammar School education has never been more valuable than now. Our reputation and standing in the educational community gives us the opportunity to be at the forefront of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education in Australia.

We have not achieved success through complacency. It is time for the next bold moment in the BGS journey.STEAM combines scientific inquiry with technological implementation, engaging the problem solving of engineering, the creativity of art, and mathematical modelling to support a whole-of-brain approach to comprehension and understanding of the real world.

Hands-on learning will be possible within this hub – from artistic and technological exploration to designing, prototyping, 3D printing, complex biological dissections and earth science studies.

Opening in 2023 | Watch the video now.


The STEAM Precinct brings disciplines together in large, contemporary and technologically rich learning spaces.




The STEAM Precinct will help us educate Australia’s future leaders, who will improve society and solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.


Preparing studentsĀ for jobs that do not yet exist

At a time of significant change for work and careers, a BGS education equips students with the tools to achieve individual goals and all-round excellence, now and into the future.

Given the rapid emergence of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, DNA mapping, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology, business and industry leaders demand graduates who can collaborate and communicate and think critically and creatively. It is these skills that will enable our graduates to adapt to the changing professional landscape and prepare them for jobs that do not yet exist.

Now, more than ever, scientists are required to engage with society, step outside the laboratory and address real-world problems.


By incorporating the arts, human concepts of ethics, morality and responsibility are introduced into technical discussions and thinking. The outcome is graduates who are prepared for uncertainty and confident to lead others through change.


A hub for ideas and innovation

The new STEAM Precinct creates an environment that excites, engages and inspires both our students and their teachers and promotes deeper learning.

The precinct will be far more than a new building to staff and students; it will be a hub for ideas, for innovation and for educational growth.

The acronym STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics – refers not just to these standalone disciplines but rather to a way of thinking. This includes observing, forming questions, making predictions, designing and carrying out experiments, hypothesising and discussing projected outcomes.


The BGS STEAM Precinct provides a physical location to inspire, to learn and to nurture the future careers of our amazing next generation of scientists. — Old Boy Professor Michael Milford '98


STEAM represents a progressive shift in teaching and learning, promoting the sharing of ideas across science subjects, the arts and humanities.
The STEAM Precinct will be a physical extension of the BGS educational philosophy – to develop critical, reflective and creative thinkers with the capacity and enthusiasm for independent, lifelong learning.



Best practice teaching and learning

Educational research confirms that transitions from one activity or mode of learning to another, while essential to good teaching practice, have the potential to negatively impact lesson flow and student focus.

The most effective lessons are those that engage students via a variety of learning modes: didactic, collaborative, reflective, practical and expressive.

The spaces in the STEAM Precinct are designed to optimise teaching and learning and enact the principles of best pedagogy.
The new co-laboratories created for the sciences will maximise learning time and enable students to transition seamlessly between theoretical and practical ways of learning.

The design and art spaces will challenge students to think and work creatively and flexibly to solve problems.


STEAM enables students to move easily between thinking and doing; to be able to plan, test, analyse and refine ideas in a smooth, continuous flow of learning.



Be part of our future

The STEAM Precinct will be the largest capital project and most ambitious in the School’s history. To create this transformative precinct, we need your support.

The total cost for the project is estimated at $70M, funded from reserves, borrowing and philanthropic support.

Of equal importance is our ambition for 10% of our student cohort (170 students) to be supported by needs-based bursaries, enabling boys from a wide cross section of our community to access a BGS education. We aim to raise an additional $5M to support this goal.

Your support of the STEAM Precinct or the Bursary Fund will lead Queensland into a new era of education and will signpost BGS as one of the best schools for boys in Australia.

Most importantly, it will better prepare our boys for the new world. 100% of your gift goes to supporting BGS boys.

100% of your gift goes to supporting BGS boys.

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