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History of Giving

2020 | An anonymous couple gifted $100,000 to the STEAM Precinct.

2019 | An anonymous Old Boy donor gifted $2,807,000 to needs-based bursaries.
Former BGS Chairman Howard Stack ’62 and his wife Hilary Stack continued to honour their $1.5M pledge to the STEAM Precinct with a donation of $299,500. 
The P&F Auxiliary donated $250,000 towards Harlin House refurbishments and continue to honour their 2017 pledge of $500,000 over 
five years for a P&F Bursary. 

2018 | An anonymous donation of $750,000 was received to fund an Indigenous or regional student bursary. 
The P&F Auxiliary supported the War Memorial Library Appeal with $250,000, while the OBA committed $40,000.

2017 | Matt McLennan ‘86 pledged $500,000 USD, over five years, for the long-term redevelopment of Harlin House. An amount of $405,000 (AUD) has been received in the past three years. 
The P&F Auxiliary pledged $500,000 to provide a 50% bursary in perpetuity.

2016 | The Year Group Bursary Campaign commenced.

2015 | Simon Fenwick ’87 donated $1.32M for a full boarding bursary for an Indigenous or regional student in financial need.

2007 | The Lilley Centre Campaign raised $6M, with the P&F Auxiliary contributing $1.5M.

2001 | The Centre for Art Campaign raised $527,000: $200,000 from P&F Auxiliary, $100,000 from the Art Committee.

1997 | The P&F Auxiliary contributed $1.5M to the Indoor Sports Centre Campaign with a total of $2.6M raised.

1993  The Endowment Scholarship Fund (now Bursary Fund) was established.

1979 | The Arts Centre (Music) Campaign raised $515,000.

1971 | Old Boys, parents, Trustees and teachers raised $10,000 for the Boatshed.

1960 | The P&F supported a bursary worth £50.

1968 | The Centenary Buildings Appeal raised $500,000, approximately $4M today.

1958 | The Centenary Buildings Appeal launched with a goal of raising $150,000.

1950s | Cobb and Co. funded a bursary.

1948 | Frank Walker donated £11,000 for a new gymnasium including a swimming pool.

1916 | The War Memorial Library Appeal raised over £5000 to cover the cost of the building.

1864 | Subscribers begin to raise money for the foundation of the school.

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