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Art Support Group

The Art Support Group is a parent volunteer group that has been operating for more than 50 years. The group raises much-needed funds for the development and maintenance of the School's art collection, emerging artist scholarships as well as funding for key art resources and projects in conjunction with the BGS Art Department.

Funds raised by the Art Support Group have also funded projects for other support groups at the School, such as Basketball. 

The Art Support Group is also working on a permanent art project as part of the STEAM Precinct. The new precinct will create an environment that will excite, engage, and inspire both students and teachers in the promotion of richer learning experiences. 

The Art Support Group hosts the annual BGS Art Show which accompanies the celebrations of Open Day. The BGS Art Show is the key fundraising event that aims to enrich the cultural lives of students and the wider BGS community. 

In addition to the BGS Art Show, the Art Support Group holds a series of events throughout the year to connect art lovers within the BGS community.

To learn more about the BGS Art Support Group and/or volunteer for this year’s BGS Art Show, email