Virtual Boarding Night 

Queensland's leading school for boys

Thank you for joining our first Virtual Boarding Night. We enjoyed connecting with you and showcasing how BGS Boarding will enrich your son's experience at Queensland's leading school for boys. 

If you missed the event, you can view the recording here or below. A virtual tour of BGS is shown at the start, and the panel discussion starts at 2:18 minutes.

During the recording, you will hear from a panel of following people:

  • Director of Boarding Berian Williams-Jones
  • BGS Boarding Year 11 student Aly Sultan (2021 Boarding Captain)
  • BGS Boarding Year 7 student Alex Prowse
  • BGS Boarding current parents
  • Director of Enrolments Jamie Smith

If you are interested in Boarding at BGS, please complete the form below to contact our Enrolments team.

Explore this page to view videos from BGS Headmaster Anthony Micallef, learn about our new Griffith House and STEAM Precinct and view photos of life at Brisbane Grammar School.



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BGS STEAM Precinct - The Future is Here

A Brisbane Grammar School education has never been more valuable than now. Learn how the STEAM Precinct is taking BGS to new heights.  

BGS provides the best start in life for the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

A warm welcome to BGS Boarding, set in the heart of Brisbane Grammar School. By joining our boarding family, boys from all over the world experience the academic and cocurricular opportunities at Queensland’s leading school for boys.

Our graduates' academic results place BGS as the leading school for boys in Queensland and the School's Strategy aims to create the best school for boys in Australia. Our carefully designed Boarding program enriches each boy’s BGS journey. 

We are an inclusive, non-denominational community, where students from diverse backgrounds combine to live the School’s values of learning, leadership, endeavour, respect and community.

Every boy is given a place to belong and an opportunity to excel. Our broad liberal education, combined with extensive Boarding, Cocurricular and Student Wellbeing programs, provides every boy with the grounding to take on diverse careers.


From the Headmaster

Learn how BGS creates an environment where boys pursue their talents and realise their potential.

Learn about BGS Boarding

Boarding is at the heart of Brisbane Grammar School. Learn about our leading program from the Director of Boarding.

View Griffith House

Learn about our new junior boarding house and hear from BGS Boarding students.



A parent's perspective

Jenny and Doug MacGibbon from Moranbah in central Queensland chose BGS for their sons Andrew and Alex, who were both Harlin House Captains. Jenny shares her family’s experience.

Choosing the right boarding school is a big decision. Why did you choose to send your sons to BGS?

In addition to the School’s excellent reputation and abundance of opportunities, our decision was initially based on a long and very happy family association with the School. My husband Doug was a boarder in the 1980s, and we were keen to continue into the next generation. But the final decision actually came down to Andrew and Alex – we brought them to visit the School before signing on the dotted line. Watching their faces light up when we saw the amazing facilities firsthand and met with enthusiastic staff and students made sealing the deal a no-brainer! My advice to all prospective parents is to make the time to bring your son to have a look at the School and give them the chance to connect with present or past students and staff.

There are some things you can compromise on, other things you can’t. Education is one thing you can’t – you get one crack at it, and my experience has been that BGS will not disappoint.
You’ve had two sons board at BGS. How have you found the experience as a parent?

It’s been amazing! Despite the inevitable distance and challenges as boarding parents, we have been made to feel we are still an integral and highly involved part of our sons’ lives and education. Boarding and day school staff have been brilliant in keeping us informed about general daily happenings, celebrations and other points of interest via the weekly newsletters, and Facebook and Instagram posts. Insightful and reassuring personal contact is also made when necessary.

The boarding community offers great opportunities for parents to become connected through numerous social functions, contact with the Boarder Support Group, fundraising activities such as the Harlin House Coffee Shop on Open Day, and other volunteering opportunities. I also found incredible kindness and generosity among the day school families. Make the most of getting to know these beautiful families who will bend over backwards to help you and your son.

What’s the hardest part of having kids away at boarding school? What advice would you give other parents considering boarding?

You miss their physical presence in your everyday life – and you worry that you might miss things only you as a parent might pick up on, because you don’t always get to interpret facial expressions or voice intonations. Have great faith in the skills of the staff at Griffith and Harlin House, keep in touch regularly and connect with other parents to help you get a feeling of what’s normal or not. It’s not easy sending children away to school, but I have learned as a parent that there are some things you can compromise on, other things you can’t. Education is one thing you can’t – you get one crack at it, and my experience has been that BGS will not disappoint.




BGS Photo Gallery

Harlin House — Years 9 to 12
Open Term 1 2022

Harlin House — Years 9 to 12
Open Term 1 2022

Harlin House — Years 9 to 12
Open Term 1 2022

Harlin House — Years 9 to 12
Open Term 1 2022

Photos featuring Griffith House are supplied by Burling Brown Architects and are credited to Rix Ryan Photography Queensland.