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BGS Education

Brisbane Grammar School’s founding mission in 1868 was to provide a broad liberal education to the young men of Queensland. This legacy holds strong, alongside the contemporary focus on critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

The School's culture celebrates effort and teachers encourage each boy to achieve his personal best. As a result of this culture, BGS has consistently maintained its position as the leading academic school in Queensland.

The School’s deliberately structured curriculum encourages a boy’s increasing independence as he progresses through each year level and faces greater complexity.

In a time of significant change in the world of work, a BGS education equips students with the tools to achieve individual goals and all-round excellence, now and into the future.

Core Programs

A BGS Education is built upon Academic, Student Wellbeing and Cocurricular programs, which are all of equal importance.

Each of these programs is designed to promote the development and extension of the character and talents of students, and to nurture a strong sense of service, community, leadership and loyalty to others.

Lifelong Learning

Since its foundation, the School’s emphasis on a broad liberal education has enabled boys to become lifelong learners. To achieve this goal, the School has developed approaches to teaching and learning informed by principles known as Effective Thinking Cultures (ETC).

In addition to mastering subject matter, boys develop thinking skills they can use to strategically apply their knowledge and to meet unanticipated challenges. Students learn to make decisions about the most effective ways to tackle problems and to modify their thinking to suit the context.

Middle School

Brisbane Grammar School recognises middle schooling as a critical phase in the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of boys.

Boys in the Middle School learn and grow through a philosophy of continuous development across varied experiences in the academic, wellbeing and cocurricular spaces.

The Middle School is a vibrant learning community where students develop the dispositions required of effective learners, remain connected and engaged in learning, and grow into young men of character who contribute positively to their communities.

Middle School

Boarding at BGS

As a complement to its educational offering, Brisbane Grammar School has one of the premier boarding programs in Australia, including a Middle School program run out of newly renovated Griffith House.

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Senior School

Boys entering the Senior School are encouraged to maintain a broad range of interests and aspire to the BGS motto, nil sine labore – nothing without work.

Increasingly specialised areas of study are complemented with access to sport, clubs, cultural activities and various wellbeing pursuits to ensure a well-rounded education.

Senior School

Destinations and Outcomes

BGS graduates attend the top tertiary institutions in Australia and around the world, and are leaders in their chosen fields.

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Student Wellbeing

The BGS Student Wellbeing program comprises a broad array of activities and services dedicated to the holistic growth of boys becoming young men.

Student Wellbeing includes the areas of wellbeing curriculum, student leadership, public purpose, immersions and health services.

Student Wellbeing

Outdoor Education

BGS students are fortunate to experience a leading Outdoor Education program, run from a satellite campus at Moogerah, southwest of Brisbane.

The program runs from Year 5 to Year 11, with boys experiencing an increasingly challenging set of outdoor pursuits reliant on developing teamwork and leadership skills.

Outdoor Education


The Cocurricular program at Brisbane Grammar School embraces sport, music, drama and a range of other activities and special interest clubs. Regular and diverse involvement promotes student wellbeing, enhances academic outcomes and enables engagement as a member of the BGS community.

The Cocurricular program aims to develop students' skills to fulfil their potential for intelligent performance. The program also provides boys with opportunities to gain greater self-knowledge and awareness through exploring and extending their talents.

BGS enables high levels of participation, offers outstanding development programs and supports the pursuit of excellence through performance in sport and the arts.

Student Services

Student Services supports boys in the areas of personal, academic and careers counselling. The student counselling team comprises experienced child and adolescent psychologists, as well as experts in tertiary pathways.

Student Services


BGS has three dedicated library spaces for Middle School and Senior School boys. BGS Libraries offer much beyond the traditional role of book loaning, combining digital technologies and expertise with the atmosphere of a welcoming social space.