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2020 BGS Art Show

2020 heralds a new era in the BGS Art Show’s 51-year history, with an online exhibition of 2D works titled Iridescence.

The term ‘iridescence’ describes how surfaces may appear to change colour with changes in viewing angle and light. The Art Support Group chose this theme to emphasise how people can view situations differently if they change their perspective. The past few months have required us to see much of everyday life differently, and Iridescence aims to capture the idiosyncrasies of the world we live in.

Our featured artist, Lyn Barnes, hails from Quilpie in the Channel Country, south western Queensland. When Barnes was invited to be the 2020 BGS feature artist, Quilpie was gripped by a cruel drought, living up to its nickname ‘Heartbreak Corner’. Rains fell in November 2019, and water flows through the Channel Country once more. In our exhibition, Barnes will present works illustrating the iridescence of the Channel Country now that it has been replenished by life-giving water.

The BGS Art Show is not a student exhibition but rather a collection of professional artists works available for sale. It is organised by parent volunteers in the Art Support Group. Many works held in the BGS Art Collection have been acquired through purchases at this event using funds raised from the show. Other funds are directed towards Art education at BGS.

We are fortunate to receive wonderful support from sponsors each year. Traditionally the BGS Art Show plays a significant role in our community – from inspiring students seeing the collection in the lead-up to the show, to parents and guests celebrating and purchasing professional art works on the Gala Opening Night.

In addition, the BGS Art Show demonstrates to the wider community during Open Day that BGS truly offers a broad liberal education that values cocurricular activities and the Arts.

It is a special event that brings the school community together to include past, present and future students, along with their families.

Angela McCormack - Head of Art
Bronwyn Jerrard - President Art Support Group

The annual BGS Art Show accompanies the celebrations of Open Day. The Art Support Group has operated for over 50 years, raising funds for the development and maintenance of the School's art collection, which is displayed throughout the campus. The Art Show aims to enrich the cultural lives of students and the wider BGS community.

Please visit the BGS Art Show social media pages for more information and previews of available works.

Instagram: @bgsartshow
Facebook: BGS Annual Art Show.

For more information about the Art Support Group, email

Proceeds support the Artist-in-Residence program, procurement and maintenance of the School's art collection and Art Department resources and projects. This support extends to other departments including Music and Drama.


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