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The BGS Bursary Fund was established to build a bursary endowment in perpetuity. With the principal invested and preserved, the income generated is used to give needs-based opportunities to BGS students. It is the School's vision to support 10% of the cohort, or approximately 180 students.

As of December 2021, the fund stands at approximately $19M and is currently supporting 35 students. Support varies from 25% to 100% fee assistance for both day and boarding students. Financial need is objectively assessed by an external provider, EdStart, which includes recommendations of the level of assistance per applicant (25% to 100%).

The fund is currently invested with QIC in a long-term diversified fund. The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees has oversight of the management of the fund and approves the amount the fund distributes to support students each financial year.

How can I fund a bursary?

Donors can support students by contributing to the Endowed Bursary Fund (in perpetuity) or with a Fixed Term Bursary.

The minimum contribution to name a bursary in perpetuity in the Endowed Bursary Fund is $50,000. This contribution can be spread over five years (i.e. $10,000 per year).

The minimum contribution to name a Fixed Term Bursary is $75,000, equivalent to funding 50% tuition fees for one student for six years. However, the Board of Trustees may agree to name a Fixed Term Bursary for fewer than six years. This contribution can be spread over the time that the student is at BGS (i.e. $12,500 per year).

We are grateful for the support we have received from the below donors:

Named Endowed Bursaries

Simon Fenwick Bursary
BGS P&F Auxiliary Bursary
Tom Strachan Bursary
Howard and Hilary Stack Bursary (Stack Family Foundation)
Doug Moffett Bursary*
Bruce Roberts Bursary*
Ken MacDonald AM and Marian Gibney Bursary
Daryl Holmes OBE Bursary
Laurel Bright Bursary (Bright Family Bursary)
David Perel Bursary
Neil Christopher Lovelock*
John Story AO and Georgina Story Bursary
Peter Thompson Bursary
David Abernethy Bursary
John Rorke Bursary
1987 Year Group Bursary
2017 Year Group Bursary
2018 Year Group Bursary
2020 Year Group Bursary
2021 Year Group Bursary
2022 Year Group Bursary
2023 Year Group Bursary
2024 Year Group Bursary
2026 Year Group Bursary

Named Fixed Term Bursaries

Betty Heath, Nick Heath and Lesley Huxley Bursary
1982 Year Group Bursary
1979/80 Year Group Bursary
John Blaiklock Bursary*
1966 Year Group Bursary
Athol Crawford Bursary*
Norman* and Iris Vanstone* Bursary


For further information, please contact Inma Beaumont.

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