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Thank You

Our sincere thanks to our community. Your gifts have made Brisbane Grammar School the outstanding school it is today.

We acknowledge with gratitude the P&F Auxiliary and the Old Boys' Association for their immense contributions to our fundraising initiatives.

Lifetime Giving

We recognise donors who have supported the School throughout their lifetime and celebrate individuals who have contributed to the history of Brisbane Grammar School.

Over $500,000


BGS P&F Auxiliary

Bob Bryan AM

Tim and Elaine Crommelin

Simon Fenwick

Matthew McLennan

Sir John Pidgeon*

Howard and Hilary Stack
Stack Family Foundation

Tom Strachan* (Strachan Family)

Over $100,000

David and Sandi Abernethy


BGS Art Support Group

Stephen Bizzell

John Blaiklock*

Andrew Brice

Bill and Valda* Byth

Allan and Lyn Davies
Dalara Foundation

Ian Dickinson AM and Margaret Dickinson

Daryl Holmes OBE

Lesley Huxley AM, Nicholas Heath and Betty Heath

David and Sophia Johnson

Rob and Catriona Labrom

Arthur Liu

Ken MacDonald AM and Marian Gibney

David Malouf AO

Nick Mather

Doug Moffett*

Chris and Di Morton

John Nguyen and Joyce Ho

David Perel


Matthew Peters and Juanita Pappalardo

Bruce Roberts*

Chris and Wendy Smith

John Story AO and Georgina Story

Peter Thompson

Norman and Iris Vanstone

Richard Vanstone

Chris and Linda Vella

David Weedon AO

Mac and Lucy Woolcock

Over $50,000

Australia and New Zealand Bank

BGS Normanby Blues

Wren Bligh

Laurel Bright

Angus Campbell and Belinda Mellen

Louis Cheung

Athol Crawford*

Bruce and Anna Davidson

Andrew and Asako Hay

Eric and Sarina Lau

James Lin and Judy Wu

David and Marlene Little

Stan Mellick OAM ED*

Geoffrey and Jan Moles

Frazer and Rachel Moss

Shaun Munday and Allison McKelvie

Warwick* and Anne* Power

Rob and Bec Pullar

Phil and Holly Richardson

John and Ingrid Rorke

Sudarshan and Surinder Saini

Bob and Belinda Sharpless

Will and Louise Siganto
The Siganto Foundation

Richard and Adele Theile

Henry Thorburn

Rod Thorburn

Thorburn Trust

Ben Thynne

Doris Townsend*

Norman Traves*

Warren Traves

Geoff and Diane Voller

Keith Woollam*

Matt Yang


Over $25,000


Jonathan and Yvette Askew

Paul Barrett

Belinda Barrett

BGS Old Boys Association

Sean Bemrose

David Brown

Dan and Naomi Chambers

David Chiu

Albert and Nancy Chung

Geoff and Shirley Clarke

Graham Davies AM

Gavan Doig

Clyde and Ada Dunlop

John Fenwick AM and Marye Fenwick

Janine Griffiths

David Hewitt

Brian Hirschfeld*

Ross and Kylie Hirst

Ian and Johanna Hodgetts

Duk Hong and Gyoung Mi Kim

Andrew Jenkins*

Alan Jones AO

Richard and Jo Kahler

Piyoosh* and Priti Kotecha

Kua Family

Bruce Lawford and Sue Shadforth

Lennon Lin

David and Loraine McLaren

Norman Ma and Ida Lo

Stuart Markwell

Anthony and Susan Micallef

Walter Monz*


Kevin Pai

Jamie and Louise Pherous

Reza and Jacky Pribadi

David and Christine Purvis

Donald Radford*

Matt and Heather Raine

David and Gillian Ritchie

Neville Sandford and Patricia Matthews

Tony Sangster and Virginia Stirling

Brian Short and Pauline Harvey-Short AM

John Siemon

Peter and Caroline Steadman

Takeshi Takada

Chris Tan and Yin Vun

Rodney Taylor*

Thyne Reid Foundation

Francis Tomlinson and Beverley Rowbotham AO

Graham and Judy Turner

Stuart Voller

Scott Wharton and Marina-Portia Anthony

Anthony Yap and Hanh Luu


Great Hall Society

The Great Hall Society was established in 1997 to honour those who have made a bequest to Brisbane Grammar School.

Peter Armstrong
Ralph Beckingham OAM*
John Blaiklock*
Bob Bryan AM
Ian Carver*
Lawrence Casey
Ronald Clarkson
John Cotterell
John Cranley
Tim Crommelin
Jack Farr*
Stuart Grassie
Arthur Harris*
Peter Heywood
John Hoare

Peter Jempson*
John Knott
John Leslie AO*
Ronald Lindner
David Little
Stephen Lonie*
Chris Lovelock
Ken MacDonald AM
David Malouf AO
Donald Matheson*
Graham McBryde
Stan Mellick OAM ED*
Doug Moffett*
Bruce Paulsen*
John Pearn AO RFD
Tim Porter
Donald Radford*

Bruce Roberts*
Howard Stack
Geoff Stevenson
Phip Stewart
John Story AO
Neil Summerson AM
Rod Thorburn
Henry Thorburn
Grenville Thynne
Doris Townsend*
Norman Traves*
Katherine Trent
Jim Truesdale
Geoff Voller
Ian Whittle*
Ronald Wyllie

Building Fund

We recognise donors who have taken a lead in donating to the STEAM Precinct, and those who have helped provide our boarding students with contemporary accommodation and facilities.

BGS STEAM Precinct

Keith and Kerry Adam
Junying Ai and Jun Wei
Don Aitchison
Jason Aitchison and Melanie Stutsel
Seia and Rochelle Akhavan
Jamil Alayan and Jewly Sandroussi
Steve Allan
Richard Anderson OAM
Ross Anderson
Megan Andrews
Michael Angelini
Michael and Geetu Anthonisz
Andrew Arkell
Damien Armenis
Alan Arnold
John Arvier OAM and Louise Arvier
Jonathan and Yvette Askew
David and Anna Bade
Peter Bailey
Barry and Jane Baker
Andrew and Margie Bale
Misbayanti Bandia
Daryl and Nina Barlow
Michael and Marg Batchelor
Phil and Leigh Baxter
Anthony Beal
Robert Beaney
Inma Beaumont
Peter and Cathy Beckingsale
Daniel Beebe
Alasdair and Rebecca Begley
Justin Beirne
Rod Bellamy
Sean Bemrose
Jody Bendell
Kerrie Benham
Lee Benjamin
BGS P&F Auxiliary
Nandan and Suruchi Bhende
Siobhan Bickle
Paolo Biscaro and Sam Bilyk
Stephen and Karyn Bizzell
Alastair Black and Sally Chai
Claire Blake
Christopher and Elspeth Blenkin
Wren Bligh
Matt Bolam
Andrew and Karen Bond
John Boo and Jenny Terrado
Rod Borrowdale
Alan and Amanda Brand
Will Brice
Paul and Joelle Brittain
Derek and Felicity Broadley
Marcus Bromet
Mark Brooke
Reagan Brosnan and Leigh Winston
David Brown
Lachlan and Amy Brown
Nick Brown
Bob Bryan AM
Peter and Nicole Bryant
Timothy Buckley and Elizabeth de Lisle David and Peta Bunce
Bruce and Amanda Butler
Peter and Carolyn Butler
Mel Buttle
Angus Campbell and Belinda Mellen
Rebecca Campbell
Carly Cao
Clint Cao and Mariah Liu
Jay Cao
Andrew and Tori Cardell-Ree
Maria Carter
Mike Carter
Roger Cater
Con and Ellie Cayas
Dan and Naomi Chambers
William Chan
Andrew and Jennifer Chang
James Chang and Wendy Ma
Michael Chang and Alice Wang
Andy Chen and Jane Tsai
Edward Chen and Christy Zhao
Helen Chen
I-Lin Chen
Jun Chen and Grace Zhu
Leily Chen
Michael Chen and Linda Li
Philip Chen
Yuan Chen
Henry Cheng and Angelar Wang
Michael Cheng
Kwok and Hayley Cheung
Louis Cheung
Jennifer Chien
David Chin and Jacinta Amies
James and Geraldine Chin Moody
David Chiu and Wen-Hsin Chou
Roderick Chua
Brett Clark
David Clark
Andrew and Ros Clarke
Geoff and Shirley Clarke
Matt Clarkson
Daryl Clifford
Coreena Clubb
Benjamin Coates
David Coates and Racquel Kolkert
Sam and Sarah Coates
Ron Cochrane
Alex Coleman
Susan Collins
Richard Cooper
Peter and Callie Coroneo
Richard Cosgrove
Matt Coulter
Ruth Coward
Brendan and Brooke Cowie
John Cranley
Dick Cribb
Tim Crommelin
Sean Crookes and Nicolie Jenkins
Greg Dabelstein
Mark Dalmazzo
Sean Dalziel
Kieran and Rachael Dauber
Stephanie Daveson
Les Davey
Bruce Davies
Donald Davies
Mitchell de Groot-Esler
Angela de Gunst
Sandun De Silva and Niro Jayawardena
Phill Deacon
Ian Dickinson AM and Margaret Dickinson
Gavan Doig
Summer Dong
Chad Donnelly
Nigel and Amanda Dore
James and Kelly Douglas
Jon Douglas AM
Cameron Dowling
Marion Dowling
Sacha Drake
Richard and Alex Duffey
Mark and Lynda Dunglison
Russell Dwyer and Vivia Bora
Lachlan and Serena Dyson
Peter Eccleston and Fay Zhong
Obi Ekeocha
Bruce Elliott
Roger Ellwood
John and Rachel Emery
Peter Fan and Cathy Zhang
Cam Feltham
Daisy Feng
John Fenwick AM and Marye Fenwick
Simon Fenwick
Lindsay Few
Troy and Claire Fidler
Luke Filei and Qiu Laying
Geoff and Cathy Findlay
Bryan Fitzgerald
Craig and Danyal Fitzgerald
Nathan Flower
Michael Forrest and Angie Ryan
Steven Forrest
Amanda Foss
Adam Franklin
David Fraser
David and Judy Fraser
Adrian and Michelle Frick
Selina Fu
Eugene and Cindy Fung
Ken Fung and Jean Ho
Melinda Gao
Matthew Garraway
Peter Gasteen*
Simon Gatehouse and Lara Kane
Mark and Jacinda Geritz
Rodney Gibson
Bruce Gibson-Wilde OAM and Dorothy Gibson-Wilde
Roy Giesemann
Greg Gilbert
Ken and Kath Gottliebsen
Robert and Barbara Gottliebsen
James Green
Geoff Greenhalgh and Diane Phillips
Brett and Karen Gregor
Nik and Irma Gresshoff
Janine Griffiths
Juliet and Matthew Grigg
Jo Grubb-Evered
Tony Gu and Jenny Wang
Steven Guo and Leily Chen
Catherine Gulhane
Kebrom Habte and Almaz Haile
Richard Hall
Richard Ham
Berren Hamilton and Fatima Deen
Robert and Marion Hamilton
Adrian Hamra
Lucas Han
Peter Harbison
Julian Harburg
Rodney Harden
Jacob Hardy
Jeffrey Hardy
Ritesh and Kavita Hargovind
Dean Harris
Maverick Harris
Troy and Kylie Harry
Graham Harvey
Andrew and Asako Hay

Martin and Patricia Haymes
John and Sandra Hazzard
Carol He
Sabrina He
Nick Heath and LeeAnne Elms
Fletch Heinemann
Eric Hewett
Jen Hewson
Sam Higgins
David and Monique Hilford
Andrew Hill
Covan Ho and Joyce Lin
Daryl Holmes OBE
Matt Holmes and Tracey Rundle
Dave and Miranda Holt
Saul and Robyn Holt
Adam Howarth
Alan Hu
Bo Hu and Vivian Li
King Hu and Lan Xu
Ricky Hu and Qimeng Yu
Peter and Catherine Hudson
Mel and Wayne Huf
Ping Ping Hung
Robert Huo and Ellen Li
Simon and Andrea Hurwood
Jason Hyde
Savindra and Palika Ilangamage
Alex and Ann-Elise Incani
Matt and Jules Irwin
Grahame Jardine-Vidgen
Mark Jempson
Peter Jempson*
Hanyi Jiang
Pauline Jiang
Shan Jiang and Maisie Siau
David and Sophia Johnson
Peter Johnson
Nick and Katie Jorss
Tom Joyce and Helen Boocock
Llew and Ceri Jury
Matthew Kahler
Rifat Kamberovic and Grace Li
Ram and Nala Kangatharan
Bipphy Kath and Prashanti Marella
Euan Kearney
David and Wendy Keir
Mark Kelley
Brendan Kelly
Andrew Kemp
George and Andrea Kennedy
Harold Kennett
Abhijit Kharkar
Brendan Kerr and Jane Phillips
Richard and Marilla Kidd
Cobi Kim and Jackie Koo
Danny Kim and Emily Ha
Yongun Kim and Yuju Lee
Michael and Alicia Klumpes
John Knott
David Ko and Machiko Koganezawa
Akshay Kothari
Boon Kua and Karen Chau
Haritha Kuppam
Edward Kwok
Kyle Kwok and Sylina Cheung
Ki Kyoung and Na Lee
Rob and Catriona Labrom
Amanda Lago
Madhu Lakshmaiah
Sach and Navi Lashand
Eric and Sarina Lau
Sam Lau and Amanda Lee
Yit Nah Lau
Brian Lee and Wendy Jeong
Dennis and Winny Lee
George Lee and Uni Yang
Iris Lee
Jin Hee Lee and Jiyoon Park
John Lee and Judy Ku
Joseph Lee
Lawrence Lee and Jennifer Chen
Lee Lee
Peter and Sandra Lennox
Chung Lun Leung and Wai Kwan Wong
Benjamin Li
Dongxue Li
Jin Li and Han Feng
Jingjing Li and Brenda Fan
Sherry Li
Vincent Liang
Mauro and Megan Liberatore
Cheng Wei Lin and Pei Ying Chen
Jack Lin and Christine Chu
Lennon Lin
Peter Lin
David and Marlene Little
Arthur Liu
Eddie and Karen Liu
Michael Liu
Richard Liu and Ling Lin
Una Liu
Yang Liu and Sulan Wang
Kim and Peter Lloyd
John Logan RFD
Jason Lollback
John Lonie
Brendan and Nicole Louie
David and Elizabeth Low
Amy Lu
Xiao Lu and Sailing He
Philip and Lillian Lui
Kris Lundqvist
John Luo and Annie Wu
Christopher and Selga Lusink
Helen Lynch
John Lynch
Robin and Kim Lyons
Eric Ma and Jackie Hua
Norman Ma and Ida Lo
Fiona Macfarlane
Doug and Jenny MacGibbon
Allan and Lindy Mackintosh
Marc and Clare Maguire
Patrick Mahoney and Mary Mahoney AO*
Stuart Markwell
Ian Marrinan
David Martin and Grace Zeng
Tony Martinson and Helene Li
John Mason
Donald Matheson*
Richard Maybury and Fiona Campbell-Maybury
Iain McBride
Ann McCann
Barrie McCann
Nicole McCarthy
Sam McCarthy
Tim McCarthy and Miranda Crisci
Frank McClatchy
Ralph McConaghy
Ross McCormack
Bill McCredie and Kate Ashwood
Paul and Alicia McEniery
Paul McEniery and Karen Seifert
Kim McGrath
Jeremy McKenzie
Kerry McKeon
Stuart McKinnon
Andrew McLeod
Scott McLeod
Sean McManus and Libby McBride
Paul and Lisa McMaster
Cameron McNeill
Brian Meade and Rebecca Schull-Meade
Rachel Meehan
Alex Mees and Kylie Barns-Mees
Ravi and Chhaya Mehta
Jurgen Mejan-Fripp and Nancy Wang
Peter Melloy
Tony Meng
Leo and Sally Mewing
Anthony and Susan Micallef
Blake Micallef
Mark Middleton OAM and Susan Middleton
Miles Moody
Simon and Sharni Moody
Cassie Moore
Jonathan Moore
Michael and Rebecca Moore
Bill Morrissey and Kylie Downes
Frazer and Rachel Moss
Balaji Motamarri and Sumi Pillarisetti
Shaun Munday and Allison McKelvie
Vanda  Mura
Matthew and Ellen Murphy
Stuart Murray and Kathy Lau
Rachael Myers
Ragu Nadarajah
Masa Nakasato and Isabella Hui
Cameron and Mary Napper
Ben Nearhos
Alan Ng and Emily Su
John Nguyen and Joyce Ho
Tess Nguyen
Uyen Nguyen
Robert Nieh and Christine Chen
Gary Nielsen
Peta O'Brien
Tony and Katrina O'Connell
Michael and Ify Okonkwo
Ben and Minure Omowaire
Rory and Stacey O’Shea
Kevin Pai
Nikolaos Papas
Keerthi and Lasanthi Paranavithana
Tony and Wendy Pascoe
Andrew and Carley Patten
Arash Payervand
Luke and Jen Peacock
John Peden
Richard Pegg
David Pennell
Rob Perel
Nalin Perera and Thushara Pussella
John and Jessica Pesch
Matthew Peters and Juanita Pappalardo
Damien Petersen and Sharyn Van Alphen
Kylie Petersen
Scott Petersen
Willem Pfitzner
Jamie and Louise Pherous
Simon Poh
Tim Porter
Simon and Caroline Prebble
Peter Prentis and Ana Pavasovic

Reza and Jacky Pribadi
Ross Pritchard
John Puttick
Martin Qin
Grace Qiu
QLD Education Science Techs
Bing Qu
Gary and Meryta Quagliotto
Danielle Quinell
Giles and Jo Quinlan
Drew Raad
Matt and Heather Raine
Ram Rajasekaran and Ramya Gopinath
Megan Readdy
Matthew Reynolds
Philip and Holly Richardson
Van Richards-Smith
Tony Robertson and Jennifer Dietz
Malcolm and Tammy Robinson
Gareth Rochester and Melissa Page
Charles Roe AM*
Michael Roe
Paddy Rombola
Ian Rose
Graham Rowles
Thomas Ryan
Sudarshan and Surinder Saini
Melinda Samai
Chris and Pamela Sandford
Ian and Paula Sandford
Tony Sangster and Virginia Stirling
Jennifer Santo
Christopher Sapsford
Anubhav and Anshu Sarikwal
Bradley and Emma Sartori
Dmitry Saulov and Asta Saulova
Thomas Saunders
Tim and Nina Sayer
Mark Saywell
Lara Schliebs
Kem Schmidt
Lachlan and Susan Schmidt
Shauna Schulz
Mark Schumann
Robin Schweitzer
Anna Maria Sciacca
Sam and Jo Sciacca
Darren Scott
Peter Scott
Raj and Lakshmi Selvarajan
Kalmin Senaratne
Robert Service
Raymond Sham and Julie Tan
David Shan and Catherine Yang
Mohamed Shanavas and Babitha Pulikkathody
Scott and Danae Sharry
Jo Shearer-Smith
Gray Shen
Jim Shen and Lena Xiong
John and Danielle Shepherd
Craig Sherritt
Saul Shires
Vicky Shoebridge
Brian Short OAM and Pauline Harvey-Short OAM
Greg and Susan Siemon
John Siemon
Ben and Yasmin Silverston
Manas and Jyoti Singh
Nick and Jade Singleton
Bhaskar Siraparapu and Manju Koka
Andrew and Jen Slatter
Henry Smerdon AM
Andrew Smith and Kate Slaughter    
Chris and Wendy Smith
Lee and Allyson Smith
Matt Smith
Nicole Smith
Paul and Sam Smith
Tai and Kelly Smith
Neil and Esther Smyth
Tim Solomon
Mark and Annette Somerville
Pradeep Sonwalkar
Angela Sophios
Hugh and Amanda Spalding
Richard Spencer
Jodie Springall and Jane Schouten
Ravi Sriskandarajah and Anna Plunkett
Howard and Hilary Stack
Andrew Staib
Mark Stanton
Kenneth Steele
Rob Stevens and Katherine Semple
Andrew and Aida Stevenson
John Story AO and Georgina Story
Matt and Katrina Strotton
Melanie Stutsel
Nicholas Sullivan
Aly Sultan
Sophia Sun
Sunny Sun
Rob and Laura Sutton
John Swayne
Corey and Katrina Swift
Darren Swindells
Lana and Paul Szumowski
Takeshi Takada
Chris Tan and Yin Vun
Jack and Jenny Tan
Zach Taylor
Jethro Tessmann
Andrew and Hue Thai
Peter Thompson
Henry Thorburn
Rod Thorburn
Ben Thynne
James Tierney
Alan Tilse
Kylie Timms
Nicholas Ting and Emily Tiang
Bobby Tiong and Chung-Ying Chiong
Jackie Trad
Simon and Moko Treacy
Rebecca Tuma
Steve and Anna-Marie Uscinski
Sarah Van der Westhuizen
Tristan Van Riel
Andrew Vann
David Vann OAM
Ross and Fang Vasta
Tom Vatanitawake
Chris and Linda Vella
Sumedha Vernon
Geoff and Diane Voller
Stuart Voller
John and Donna Wacker
Brett Walker-Davies
Malcolm Wallace
Ben Wallwork and Katrina Chiu
Steve Wallis and Jenny Mackie
Andrew Walsh and Caroline Law-Walsh
Andrew and Sharlene Walsh
Craig and Heather Walter
Alison Walters
Russell and Elaine Wan
Alan Wang
Amy Wang
Chris Wang
Eileen Wang
Eric Wang and Monica Luo
Liang Wang and Jackie Ouyang
Michael Wang and Anne Ling
Sharon Wang
Victoria Wang
Yan Wang
Kylie Warlow
Chris and Carrie Watchirs
Guy Watkinson
Aaron and Leann Webb
Myles Webb and Stephen Mego
Rebecca Webber
Meighan Wells
Torben and Angie Wentrup
Scott Wharton and Marina-Portia Anthony
Richard Wheeler
Manu and Ima Wickramasekera
Monica Wight
Saminda Wijesooriya Mudiyanselage and Dona Nagasena
Matthew and Fleur Wilkinson
Ralph and Lisa Willson
Peter Wong and Anita Lau
Richard Wong and Huong Phan
Tim Wong
Michael and Jaime Wood
John Woods and Emma Fynes-Clinton
Dan Worthley and Liza Phillips
Raymond Wu and Emily Mo
Sandra Xia
Di Xiao and Huiqun Liu
Leo Xin and Ivy Qiu
Frank Xu and Yumei Liao
Libin Xue and Min Wu
James Yang and Anni Wang
Matt Yang and Tina Tang
Samuel Yang
Brenden Yantsch
Chen Yao
Anthony Yap and Hanh Luu
Chunhui Ye
Richard Yee
Tor Yem
John Yesberg
Simon and Sally Yong Gee
Dennis Yoon and Amy Kim
Tony and Linda Young
Caty Yu
Chris Yu
Andrew and Kerry Zaghini
Jacqui Zervos
Doug Zhang and Vivian Chen
Peng Zhang
Shaun Zhang and Nadia Ji
William Zhang and Elaine Jin
Xingbo Zhang and Wendy Huang
Yi Zhang and Jingjing Wang
Allan Zhao and Kate Wu
Jessie Zheng
Josh Zheng and Calvina Qu
Ivan Zhong and Fendy Yin
Pengyang Zhu and Xiaoping Yang
Yingfeng Zhu
David Zou and Sherry Xu


Harlin House Donors

BGS P&F Auxiliary
John Boo and Jenny Terrado
Chris Cooper
Stephen and Sharon Danzig
Mervyn and Margaret Eadie
Cameron and Trudie Early

Alec Evans AM and Kay Evans
Andrew and Margot Evans
Duncan Evans
David Fraser
Matthew and Patricia Garraway
Robert and Marion Hamilton
John Knott

Darren and Amanda Lewis
David Liu
John Marriott
Matthew McLennan
Leon Misfeld
Nikolaos Papas
Neil Peacey
Graham Sandeman
Qichao Su and Daisy Feng

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If you find an error or omission, please contact us via