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24 data points used to identify, track and support wellbeing

Boys thrive when they feel safe and supported.

At BGS, we have a specialist team of staff who collect and assess qualitative and quantitative data on each boy's academic and cocurricular progress and wellbeing to identify areas where they need additional support.

The wellbeing assessment measures emotional intelligence, bullying (physical, social and verbal), conduct, hyperactivity, peer problems, prosocial behaviour and more. 

BGS also engages the Australian Council for Educational Research to conduct regular social-emotional wellbeing surveys to monitor the wellbeing of our boys.


Over 50% participation in social initiative clubs and activities

BGS boys are well adjusted, optimistic, resilient and engaged with the society around them.

The School was built on a foundation of giving, and students continue this culture through community service and involvement in social and environmental causes. 

BGS clubs and activities include Public Purpose (service-based activities), Gender Respect Project Group, Student Reconciliation Committee and Greening Grammar.

This culture of pursuing excellence in social initiatives is deeply embedded in our boys, with many combining their effective thinking and entrepreneurial skills to advance society after they leave BGS.






BGS creates an environment where boys feel safe, connected and supported.


Brisbane Grammar School’s Student Wellbeing program ensures every boy feels supported, safe, connected and happy at school.

In Years 5 and 6, boys are supported by two classroom teachers who take them for their core subjects. As they progress through the School, a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year travel with the boys from Years 7 to 12. These senior teachers assist each boy’s development, celebrating their triumphs and providing counsel when required. 

In return, boys help others in need through the Public Purpose program. At BGS, opportunity is valued – not taken for granted. Through volunteering locally and in overseas immersion programs, boys are encouraged to give back to the wider community. Reflecting on these experiences creates thoughtfulness and 
builds resilience.

A formal Student Wellbeing curriculum addresses social and emotional issues such as relationships, health, identity and career aspirations. 

The School provides opportunities for boys to lead and each boy is encouraged to be a role model.

Friendly, forthright and respectful, BGS graduates have the confidence to take on the challenges of a rapidly changing world.




Forming lifelong memories


Beyond the Spring Hill campus, BGS has an exceptional Outdoor Education Centre that gives boys the opportunity to learn as they connect with the natural world.

On the shores of Lake Moogerah, a 90-minute drive from the city, boys experience canoeing, climbing, hiking and orienteering. By Year 10, students have the skills to camp independently, spending nights under the stars.

A team of specialist Outdoor Education teachers prepare detailed lesson plans to teach basic survival skills. Boys also develop personal skills such as leadership, problem solving, effective communication, teamwork and living in a community.

An appreciation of nature and Indigenous culture is also a focus. The local Ugarapul people have given permission for boys to learn their stories about the area. 

When asked to reflect on their time at Moogerah, boys talk of unforgettable experiences, friendships and a sense of achievement that stays with them long after they have left school.

Boys build the confidence to tackle life’s challenges.

We aspire to be the best school for boys in Australia


How do you measure excellence?

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

Graduates pursue their excellence in diverse fields

BGS Boarding talk in their modern, private rooms

Excellent facilities and more than 400 hours of additional academic support for boarders

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

Innovative teaching pedagogy studies validated by The University of Melbourne

BGS Old Boy Sean Parsons shows BGS students what excellence in education means.

24 dimensions used to identify, track and support wellbeing to ensure boys are supported and happy


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