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Board of Trustees

Brisbane Grammar School's Board of Trustees governs the School's management and growth.

From the laying of the foundation stone of the original Brisbane Grammar School on 29 February 1868 to the present day, the Board of Trustees has steered the School through changing economic and political times to ensure the values enshrined in the Grammar Schools Act 1860 (revised 2016) are maintained. The Board's role and responsibilities are outlined under this Act.

The statutory body of Board of Trustees of the Brisbane Grammar School comprises four to six members appointed by the Governor in Council and three elected by subscribers or donors to the School. The Queensland Government representatives on the first Board of Trustees, elected on 18 October 1867, included the Hon TB Stephens (Chairman), Hon Charles Lilley, Dr KI O’Doherty and AB Pritchard. The subscribers, elected on 20 September 1868, included LA Bernays, W Brookes (Treasurer) and R Macdonnell.

Trustees originally served on a triennial basis. Trustees now hold office for four years and at the end of that time are eligible for reelection or reappointment.

Trustees work on a voluntary basis. Their roles include determining the strategic direction of the School; appointing the headmaster; ensuring that students, their welfare and development remain the central focus of School in all its activities; working with the headmaster, staff and School community to promote and implement the School’s mission and values; approving and monitoring policies and practices relating to optimal human resource management within the School; ensuring appropriate review processes are in place to monitor and enhance the quality of all School activities; assuming financial responsibility and accountability; and reviewing governance policies and performance of the Board of Trustees.

Trustees have come from many fields of community endeavour, and have included professionals from legislature and judiciary, medicine, science, armed services, business and academia.

Under the Grammar Schools Act 2016, the Board of Trustees consists of at least seven but no more than nine persons; comprising four Trustees nominated by the Education Minister, three Trustees elected by qualified donors, and up to two additional Trustees chosen by the Board and approved by the Governor in Council.

Board of Trustees Election 2024

The term of the School’s current Board of Trustees is due to expire on 26 August 2024.

The Board comprises at least seven and up to nine persons appointed by the Governor in Council, each of whom will normally serve for four years. Four appointments are nominated by the Minister for Education, and an additional two appointments can be nominated by the Minister at the Board’s request. Three appointments are filled by election from nominees from the School’s Roll of Electors.

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Current Board of Trustees of Brisbane Grammar School

The current members of the Board of Trustees have been appointed or elected for the period 27 August 2020 to 26 August 2024.

Elected Subscriber Representatives Ministerial Nominees
Mr John Humphrey (Chairman) Ms Claire Blake
Mr Stephen Bizzell Ms Megan Corfield
Dr Angela Ryan Professor Doune Macdonald
  Mr Warren Traves (Deputy Chairman)
Mark Corgat
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Secretary to the Board of Trustees