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Our Vision

BGS aspires to be the best school for boys in Australia.

Our Purpose

BGS educates boys within an innovative learning culture that nurtures their intellectual, physical, and emotional wellbeing to become global citizens who contribute to their communities.

Strategic Imperatives


Provide a safe and supportive learning environment where students attain the best academic, wellbeing and cocurricular outcomes.


Work together to enhance BGS programs, enact cultural values and celebrate school traditions and achievements.

Strategic Enablers


BGS recruits and retains the best people to deliver premium educational programs to BGS students.


BGS provides contemporary virtual and physical facilities so that BGS people can deliver premium educational programs to BGS students.


BGS students fulfil their potential because the School offers premium educational programs delivered by the best people in contemporary virtual and physical settings.

Our Values


A culture of excellence challenges boys to achieve their individual best.


Boys become thoughtful and confident men of character.


Nil sine labore – nothing without work – is embedded in the School’s culture.


Boys develop respect for themselves and others.

A Brisbane Grammar School education provides the best start in life for the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. BGS culture is distinctive, balancing the highest academic standards with a rich array of sporting and cultural activities in an environment that nurtures the social and emotional wellbeing of every boy. Our graduates attend the world’s leading universities, lead their chosen careers and professions and make their own futures.

Critical Projects

Digital Transformation

Enhancing our capability to optimise educational outcomes for our students


Innovating through science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to inspire our students

Effective Thinking Cultures

Optimising teaching practices to enrich the learning experience for our students

Campus Renewal

Delivering new and improved facilities to advance Academic, Cocurricular and Wellbeing programs for our students

The School supports the Government’s objectives for the community:

  • Good jobs: Good, secure jobs in our traditional and emerging industries
  • Better services: Deliver even better services right across Queensland
  • Great lifestyle: Protect and enhance our Queensland lifestyle as we grow

Our Educational Philosophy and Major Goals

The School is committed to a liberal education philosophy. Our major goals for each boy are:
  • to develop attitudes, skills, and a base of knowledge as a foundation for critical intelligence, imaginative and creative powers, effective communication and the capacity and enthusiasm for independent, lifelong learning;
  • to develop and extend personal character traits and talents; and
  • to develop a strong sense of service, community, leadership and loyalty to others.
To achieve these goals, the School seeks to provide:
  • a broad and balanced academic curriculum in which each boy is challenged to do his best;
  • highly competent teaching staff who are committed to the School's purpose;
  • a disciplined and supportive environment for learning;
  • a broad program of cultural, intellectual, sporting and other outdoor activities; and
  • sporting activities where boys are encouraged to strive for success, but always within the finest traditions of sportsmanship.

As the education and personal development of each boy is a responsibility shared between the School and the home, the School promotes effective communication with families.

BGS Strategy

From the Board of Trustees

"Laying the foundations of another 150 years of educational excellence."

The Board of Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team present the strategic aims and plans for Brisbane Grammar School.

Building upon our long history of educational achievement, these aims and plans outline a vision and direction for long-lasting delivery of educational excellence across all facets of the School’s operations, and provide impetus for future developments.

Our Senior Leadership Team will be actively working towards major objectives over the next five years. More precisely, delivering the biggest and most important infrastructure project in the School’s history (STEAM), driving the year group campaign to raise our Bursary Fund to $20 million, and providing superior learning experiences for all students.

The Board of Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team welcome the views of all stakeholders in the BGS community. We anticipate that the publication of the BGS Strategy and Critical Projects will stimulate discussion within the BGS community, all of which will safeguard the long-term success and sustainability of Brisbane Grammar School.

Professor John Humphrey

From the Headmaster

The BGS Strategy provides a vision for the School’s future. Underpinned by the School’s Purpose and Values, the Strategy offers the outline of strategic imperatives, explicit objectives and agreed targets.

Brisbane Grammar School has been a leader in the education of boys since the School’s foundation in 1868.

Our motto nil sine labore (nothing without work) and our ambition to be the best school for boys in Australia, and an international leader in teaching and learning, has inspired the School to offer an environment where boys realise their promise and pursue their talents. We remain resolute in our commitment to developing thoughtful and confident men of character who contribute to their communities.

For over 150 years, Brisbane Grammar School has enjoyed strong enrolment, academic excellence and sporting and cultural outcomes that confirm our commitment to an ethos of excellence in boys’ education. The School seeks to provide a set of experiences, which promote a purposeful growth towards self-discovery and good citizenry.

The Board of Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team are committed to a course of improvement to enhance provisions that benefit BGS students and the BGS community.

Our new Strategy focuses on:

  • A commitment to educational leadership in teaching and learning, wellbeing and cocurricular programs;
  • The maintenance of a community that is safe and a culture that promotes collaboration and care;
  • The delivery of school infrastructure that furthers student learning, wellbeing, sporting and cultural interests;
  • A sustainable financial strategy that supports the ongoing development of the School; and
  • An obligation to ensuring that the BGS identity is synonymous with excellence in education.

We are excited about what the future offers our community and look forward to making Brisbane Grammar School a better place for all stakeholders.

Anthony Micallef